Behind the Scenes: Fall / Winter Lookbook

Hi! I'm Janelle, I manage Purse & Clutch events for the Austin area and can typically be found slinging coffee at Caffe Medici downtown. I've been working alongside boss-babe Jen for the last year and a half, and have *loved* seeing the brand grow and develop under her direction.

Ethical Fashion Lookbook

Also, you've probably seen me in more than a couple product shots... but this lookbook, I got to take on a new role -- Stylist! It was such a dream for me to get to connect with several incredible ethically-driven brands, to join with them and to envision, for even a moment, a world without fast fashion and unsafe working conditions. A world filled with quality products that you'll *want* to own, not just feel guilted into buying. A world where the men & women who make your clothes are treated with respect and can provide for their families though a job they enjoy.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be back on the blog (complete with a lot of rambling) to highlight some of the vendors we worked with for the shoot, but for now, here's an overview of my favorite parts of making this happen!

Lookbook Behind the Scenes

YOU GUYS. I've never been into Esby before, but I'm serious - that was such a fun part of planning the shoot. I live in North Austin now, so having an excuse to go into the 78704 and wander Esby was just heavenly.

Ethical Lookbook BTS

Also, they are super close to a brand new plant store that I really just couldn't handle the cuteness of. Hello, Frond Plant Shop, let's be best friends forever.

Lookbook Location

Texas French Bread Photoshoot

This food. Can we talk about this food? Texas French Bread has been a favorite spot of mine for a while, and I was so glad when they agreed to let us use their space. The staff was ever so accommodating, as I re-arranged things and had purses quite literally everywhere. And let's be real, I would never pass up an opportunity to share a cup of coffee and a raspberry croissant with sweet friends.

I mentioned them earlier, but connecting with so many vendors was SO amazing. Here's who we worked with!

Phoenix Makes  // made in USA / all natural / baby safe
LuLaRoe // made in USA 
Citizens of Humanity // made in USA
Siempre Vive Clothing // fair trade practices 

Raven + Lily // fair trade practices
Everlane // transparent supply chains 
Peyote Moon // vintage
American Apparel // made in USA
Blue Lux Fashion // fair trade practices

Fortress of Inca // fair trade practices
Espy Apparel // organic / made in USA 

Ethical Fashion Lookbook Models

Our models were just perfect. Perfect beyond perfect. They are all just friends who volunteered to stand in front of a camera for a few mornings, and didn't complain when we had to meet at the crack of dawn to get the shoot. When weather threatened to rain us out, our girls still showed up ready to work. I absolutely could not have done this without such flexible models, and they rocked it.

Ethical Fashion Lookbook

Amy Amy Amy! I can't say enough about Amy Grunden. She volunteered to do hair for us as a last minute addition, and killed it. She took my dreams and made them come true. I'm probably the least skilled person when it comes to hair, and I would have had no idea what to do. But I sent her photos of the vibe I wanted, and she just did her thing. I was so thankful to not have to manage any aspect of that, and to sit back and let it all come together. Go get your hair done by her, you won't regret it.

Shelley Elena Photography

And last, but certainly not least, working with Shelley Elena Photography was the absolute dream. She is phenomenal behind the lens, and such a gorgeous person inside and out. When we chatted about the shoot, it was clear that she wanted to use her art to create change in the world, and it was so fun to vision cast with her! Shelley, I am so grateful for your excitement for this project, and for sharing your insane talent with us. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out our new line, click on over to the lookbook *here.* My favorite item of the line? I have trouble picking, of course, but I've gotta stick with the Cowhide Crossbody. Y'all, it's just goooorgeous. We've only got a couple, so go snag it before I do! All the heart eyes for you guys, and meet me here soon to check out more details about these vendors!

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