Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Down Syndrome Awareness Day 2021

Honestly, I wanted to be at a place where I could vulnerably share what these last 9 months have been like for me with the unexpected Down syndrome diagnosis of my second daughter Paige last June. 

I'm not really there.

Global pandemic aside, having a kid with Down syndrome has been a lot to process & man have we been busy with doctor's appointments + physical therapy.

So I'm still very much in the very beginning of my journey, but I didn't want to let Down Syndrome Awareness day pass without finding a way to honor it. 

So here are a few action items if you're looking for a new perspective to bring to parenting / humanity:

  1. Read Raising a Rare Girl by Heather Lanier (available in audiobook on the Libby library app)
  2. Follow differently abled folks & studios on Instagram like @justcharliefrench, @sagestudioatx, @oursweetgwendolyn, @graceplaceart + @abellamiracle
  3. Listen to The Lucky Few podcast (possibly more helpful if you're a caretaker for a kid with Down syndrome)

What else should we be read / listening to?
Who else should we be following?
Let me know in the comments below:

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