Ethical Fall Fashion

Our favorites in Fall Fashion this year are lovely mixes of warm neutrals, rich textural details, & playful add-ons for a pop of color. And ethical fashion is stepping up it's game, so there's not reason NOT to support fair wages along the way:
Ethical Fall Fashion 2017
  1. Blush Fan Tassel Earrings from Collective Hu. Handmade in Cambodia - $38
  2. Emerald Silk & Cotton Scarf from Purse & Clutch. Handwoven in Guatemala - $89
  3. Poncho "Semilla" from The Oinkas. Handwoven in Peru - $120
  4. Sunari Brass Choker from 31 Bits. Handmade in Bali - $48
  5. The Skinny Carla Wash Jeans from ABLE. Handmade in Mexico - $128
  6. Navy Outside Pockets Handbag from Purse & Clutch. Handmade in Ethiopia - $164
  7. Leather Chukka Boots from Teysha. Handmade in Guatemala - $295

What Ethical Fall Fashion are you loving this season??

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