Ethical Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

by Sarah Dickard

When I was a kid, there was always one house or one neighborhood we always had to drop by because they handed out the full king sized candy bars. No one wants the lame candy - and no one wants the boring old cheap, plastic pumpkin buckets.

Looking for a more sustainable container for your kids to carry around their candy?

If you are all about utility and less about flair, here are some alternatives:

  • For those of you candy hunters that are hitting not just the block, but more than one neighborhood, the pillowcase is the best way to go. Plenty of storage space, easy to throw over your shoulder for long walks, and the biggest cleanup is finding a place to store the candy once you get back home - if there's any left that is!
  • Our ecofriendly world has made it easier to get simple bags for simple uses, so grab your reusable grocery bag. 
  • Got old t-shirts lying around? Cut off the sleeves, sew all the open edges except for the neck hole and you have yourself a Halloween homemade tote.

Looking for something cuter?

  • Grab a canvas tote bag, fabric paint, and some Halloween decals and make your own specialized tote bags for each of the kids. A quick trip to any nearby craft store can not only make a fun project, the bag will be built to last. Or decorate a pillow case or inside out grocery bag & skip the canvas tote. 
  • If you need something sturdier, buy a bucket pail and paint and decorate it with fun Halloween colors. You know the handle is going to be sturdier than those plastic pumpkins because they have to withstand kids throwing sand or all kinds of junk into them!  
  • Use an old paint can or tin can with a handle bar. Although this could take some work and clean up, remove any kind of paper lining from the outside and paint it with your favorite ghostly characters.

What are your kids carrying to their fall festivals or door to door?

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