Expansion. The factors we consider.

Expansion. The factors we consider.

We don't take expansion lightly.

Before we begin a new partnership with an artisan group, there's so many factors we consider.

Factors like: 
1) How are fair wages determined for the artisans & when are they paid?

2) Can we as a business sustain a steady level of inventory demand so that we can commit to a long term partnership the artisan group can rely upon?

3) What local, traditional techniques are available & how can we strike a healthy balance between honoring these important cultural traditions while still maintaining our style as a brand?

Supporting Guatemala Artisans

We've begun our next steps with a possible long term partnership in Guatemala by having a sample collection made - it's currently in production!

Once the handbags arrive, I can assess the timeliness of the production, calculate any extra, unforeseen costs (there's ALWAYS something) & examine the quality of the finished products & artisans' + manager's accuracy in following our design tech packs. 

Then, we'll showcase the new collection in a fun pre-order Live Facebook Sale so you can see the bags up close & hear the details of how they're handcrafted. Your feedback in this step is so helpful in determining if we can commit to a long term partnership. 

Don't worry! I'll be sure to let you know when we're ready to have the pre-order sale :  )

Questions about our expansion process?
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