From 7 to 28 - slow growth for a deeper impact.

From 7 to 28 - slow growth for a deeper impact.

As we move into the evaluation phase of becoming a B-Corp, I'm starting to gather all of the information around our artisan groups & the impact of Purse & Clutch

And honestly, it's been just the encouragement I didn't know I needed! 

It's easy to feel like we're too small to make a difference. 
Like what we're doing doesn't really matter. 

Then I'm reminded that we're a consistent revenue stream for growing artisan groups. 

Take our partners in Ethiopia

This woman-run team has grown from 7 when we first partnered with them 7 years ago to 28 today.

That's impact.

And beyond steady employment with fair wages & holiday bonuses, our partners cover transportation, medical expenses & provide loans for the team. They have an internship program that seamless onboards new artisans as they transition from some pretty rough pasts.

And y'all.

We wouldn't exist to support these artisans if it weren't for you. 

Your purchases are allowing them to continue to grow their team & our impact. 

While we're sold out of about half of our Ethiopia Collection, we've got a new small batch coming our way early next week.

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