Help Maria Rebuild her Home

"I'm sorry to keep writing with bad news"  said a text from Maria on Sunday.

My heart sank. My sweet friend & the Production Manager for our Mexico collection has already had an exceptionally tough year.  I braced myself. 

"My house got broken into," she said. "They took pretty much my whole house."

Y'all. They even took her mattress. 

Thankfully they weren't home. She, her partner & their dog are safe.

She generously wanted to talk about the stolen samples for our upcoming Spring Collection & make a plan to replace the materials, but that can wait. 

Let's help Maria rebuild her home.
When pressed, she shared she thought they lost about 200,000 pesos (about $10,000) worth of their possessions. If we could help with ½ that they could begin to get back on their feet. 

Maria selflessly spends her time devoted to connecting artisans in southern Mexico to brands like Purse & Clutch so they can continue to work to support their families - especially with the devastating effects of COVID in the community.

Will you join me & make a donation below?
After such a difficult year, I would love to be able to really surround Maria with support & love.

Jen Lewis
Founder of Purse & Clutch

(On a mobile device, click Maria's photo above to go to the donation page)

Thank you for your generous support!

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Praying for you and your household, Maria. You are not alone!! ♥️


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