How to: Cover Books in Beautiful Paper

Pretty Books DIY

If your house looks anything like mine, every little nook & cranny has it's own carefully curated stack of books. Grouped by color. Grouped by pattern. Grouped chronically by book club. Yeah. I'm that girl. 

So what to do with that stack of not so pretty books that you still want to keep around? Why cover them with beautiful paper, of course! When we saw this Tree-Free Recycled pressed cotton paper from India in the most amazing vibrant colors & patterns we knew it would be the perfect addition to our ...and Such September Shelfie Collection

Covering Books in Paper

Check out this How-To Tutorial that we used from who else but Martha Stewart.  

Other ways to use this gorgeous paper:

  • Matting on a picture
  • Epic gift wrapping
  • DIY Banners 
  • Laminate placemats
  • Any of these adorable ideas from Brit + Co


Let us know in the comments below if you've discovered fun uses for beautiful paper!

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