How to make a thoughtful purchase.

How to make a thoughtful purchase.

I have a confession : ) 

I am not a handbag designer.

I studied Chemistry in undergrad & got a Master’s in Leadership + Ethics.

This means when I go to the sketchpad to start my collaborative designs to send to our artisans I’m looking to make a handbag that solves a problem.

Here’s what I take time to notice:

  • When something I carry every day doesn’t fit well into my handbag & I’m always shuffling things around.

  • When I’m carrying way more cards, papers, & who knows what else in my wallet because I have the space, then when I need a specific card it’s hard to find.

  • When I’m fumbling for my keys when my hands are full, as they somehow always are, what item or pocket could be added to make this simpler?

Start by observing when you find yourself searching, slouching or squishing things in.

  • Do you need something larger to fit your phone? Smaller to fit in a bag? Both?

  • Are you always buying new sunglasses because your toddler can (and does!) pull yours out of your bag too easily?

  • Do you find yourself juggling several different bags because your laptop bag is separate from your everyday purse, but you almost always have your laptop with you?

  • Is your old wallet now too big since you’ve downsized to a smaller crossbody?

Take time to notice this week when your daily routine is more challenging because of not having the right items.

Then approach your next purchase with this knowledge & you’ll be on your way to making smart investments by choosing the perfect items for your day to day routines.

You’ve got one week until our Spring Collection Launch full of new wallet styles, adorable crossbodies in 3 sizes & a Laptop Shoulder bag specifically designed for 15” laptops - so start noticing those pain points now.

I’m giving y’all 2 extra hours to shop before we announce the launch on social media since our small batches tend to go quickly - so be looking for an email from me at 9am on Thursday, February 23rd! 

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