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Keep Trying

Keep Trying Blog Post

by Sarah Dickard

We would like to dedicate this blog post to those that have recently lost their lives in our country, and across the world.

Sometimes I wonder if the world is getting more violent….

Or maybe it’s simply that media has become more immediate and global….

It could be that my heart is more grieved and inclined to mourn for those who are losing their lives.

Whatever the reasons, it can feel easy to get stuck in a cycle of hopelessness, which translates into apathy, and in turn breeds a people who do nothing and say nothing about the injustices happening all around us.

There are enough silent voices in this world. We don’t want to be one of them.

Let me show you what I mean.  

I’m going to first provide you a scenario that I hope will feel somewhat familiar. Then I will give you some action steps to bring out the bravery and courage in you.

Stay with me and we can overcome apathy together.

Have you ever had the chance to watch the commercials where they show puppy, after dog, after puppy in slow motion with sad music playing in the background? In these commercials, there are so many homeless pets with no one to love them.

I’m getting overwhelmed at the very thought! 

Maybe you aren’t worried about puppies, but I’m sure there is another issue going on in your life or in your world that makes you feel overwhelmed, distressed… maybe even hopeless.

When I imagine the issues I feel overwhelmed by, I begin to feel so anxious that I turn on my television and binge-watch whatever funny show or movie I can find to help me forget I have to live, breath, eat, and just simply try. 

Who would have thought trying would be so difficult in the midst of feeling so helpless?

Why then, if these issues matter so much to us, do we not even try?

I think we give the following legitimate, emotional reasons:

Because the world is so big, and we are so small. 

I am only one person.

We don’t have the emotional energy or stamina.

It’s better to pretend like it’s not happening.

There is no opportunity for change.

The list could go on. Like I said, I think all of these reasons are emotionally legitimate. There is no guilt or shame in feeling or thinking any of these things. We are human, and as such, we all have different experiences that shape and mold our capabilities and capacities.

So for those of you who are healing, take your time and grieve your losses and pain. No one can do the hard, healing work but you. It is brave and courageous to work through any and all emotions. 

For those of you who are finding and experiencing healing, but are feeling paralyzed and saying the phrases above, this next section is for you.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the issues we feel passionate about, and sometimes we give up before we start trying.

Next time you get that feeling, take the following steps to becoming a braver you:

  1. Talk to someone about it. Tell them about your passion. Talk about your anxiety surrounding it. Listen to their response.
  2. Search on social media or the internet for groups that have a similar passion. Find out if there is one in your city. Join it! 
  3. Get involved. Maybe you won’t feel like you are changing the world in that moment, but who knows what opportunities may arise, what people you could meet, or what chances you will get to fight for the issues you feel need to change.
  4. Remember that by simply trying to do something, you are not being silent, hopeless, or apathetic. 

At Purse & Clutch, we are trying to make a change in this world. Here are some of the issues we are trying our best to improve:

  1. Poverty
  2. Unsafe work environments
  3. Women’s rights
  4. Sex trafficking
  5. Worker’s rights
  6. Enslavement
  7. Freedom of creativity
  8. Economic equality
  9. Family life
  10. Education

With the click of a button, a Purse & Clutch bag is bringing us one step closer to justice in all of these areas.

Trying for you may be buying an ethically made handbag.

Trying for you may be finally voicing something to your family, friend, or co-worker.

Trying for you may be adopting a puppy.

Trying for you may be walking outside today.

Whatever it means for you, don’t just do nothing. 

Try something. Anything! 

Trying makes us brave. 

Because so many people don’t try for fear they will fail. 

If we were all trying, maybe the world and all its problems wouldn’t feel as overwhelming. 

Sarah loves living in Austin, TX where she can live out her passion for change, join others in entrepreneurship, and shop at so many ethical boutiques or thrift stores!

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