A Passport that Fits into your Wallet!

Fair Trade Passport Wallet Options

by Sarah Dickard

Have you ever experienced the annoyance of having your passport not fit into the confines of your wallet? 

You don’t have to be annoyed any longer! 

We have the perfect leather passport wallet that can be used as your everyday wallet. But more on this later...

There's also another possible solution for your next trip to Canada or Mexico from the States: Instead of finding a wallet just for your passport, get a passport just for your wallet!

Passports are getting more wallet savvy.

Let’s talk about the passport we are all used to carrying around.

Somehow, they have made the passport just slightly larger than a regular sized wallet, measured at 5” X 3.5”.

I know you’re not going to go home and measure your wallet, but we all know they are ill proportioned, even for some of the biggest wallets we own! 

The strategies I have tried in the past are:

#1 Destroying the edges of my passport as I smash it into the small pockets 

#2 Letting my passport sit somewhere in my wallet, loose leaf style, in hopes it won’t fall out the next time I open it 


#3 Bringing two wallets.

None of these are great options because…

I’d rather not go through the process of replacing a passport with ripped edges,

I could easily lose my passport anytime I open my wallet, 


I already have enough bags to keep track of when I’m traveling. The last thing I want to do is carry around an additional wallet.

There are a couple of options to solve our problem.

Have you heard of these U.S. Passport Cards (PASS Card)? They could be a good option for you depending on where you're headed & your mode of transportation. They are less expensive and the perfect size for your wallet. 

You don’t even have to add an extra item to carry around in your purse - you can simply fit it into your wallet with the rest of your cards.

Check out this comparison chart to help you see the differences between the passport and the PASS card:

Passport vs PASS Card

The PASS card fits so easily into all types of wallets, including our Timeless Leather Wallets

If you are flying out of the country, you still have to deal with getting the oversized passport. 

But don’t worry, we have a solution to your wallet worries!

Ethically Made Passport Wallet

Here is why we think our leather travel wallet will fit your needs:

#1 Easy access to your passport. No zippers to deal with or pockets to worry about if just slip the back cover of your passport into one of the side pockets. Simply open your wallet and reveal your passport.

Leather Passport Travel Wallet

#2 Durable material. Real leather truly outlasts other materials. Wear and tear will only bring the material character, not closer to its retirement!

#3 Ethically made. Not only will you be traveling the world, you are making a difference by doing so. 


Which passport will you choose for your adventure and which wallet will you bring along for the journey?

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