Personalize your Handbag

Personalize your Handbag

by Sarah Dickard

Have you ever taken the chance at personalizing your handbag, purse, backpack, or diaper bag for one reason or another? 

Some get tired of reaching for the same bag day in and out and just want to buy a new purse. Out with the old and in with the new.

Maybe there is visible wear and tear, and you remember the exact meal/person/moment that the stain would forever be impressed on its lining. 

Others of us like the functionality of the purse, and its style has been discontinued by the maker. Some might have invested in the purse hoping to get just a couple more years of out its use. Maybe it was a special and personalized gift!

Our purse starts looking like and feeling like the Velveteen Rabbit- the more we use it the more it loses its luster. But you can tell that bag is SO LOVED!

Whatever our reasons, we all get attached. I know I’m personally very attached to my backpack. Not only is it a beautiful turquoise color, I’m attached to how easily the zippers zip back and forth, the amount of pockets and spaces to hold the myriad of items I carry around, and it was a birthday present from my family! 

I have become so attached to the comfort of having it around that I hardly find time to switch it out with my Classic Leather Crossbody

I get overly protective of my backpack as well. A pen spilled ink inside one of the pockets and I almost lost my mind.

Even talking about the thought of my backpack falling apart causes me anxiety- what if I can’t find another one exactly like it?!

The fact is I won’t. So knowing that the color is going to fade, and the places I go will stain its currently perfect exterior, I have gone to the internet to explore how other people are salvaging their bags.

I’ll write more posts in the future about tips and tricks to remove stains, marks, etc. 

But in today’s topic, we will explore the artistic way of dealing with our handbag problems.

Art on our bags! 

When I was younger, I had a friend who was fantastic at stenciling and spray paint. He painted his luggage and it was inspiring. Not only was his luggage cool, personalized, and interesting, he could easily find his bag among the others at the airport!

I was so inspired that I took the chance of making my own creation. Sadly, I do not possess any skills in the art department. My stencil game was weak, my color scheme was off, and my luggage looked worse off than before. 

Definitely not the outcome I had seen in his creation.

I kept telling myself that at least I could find my bag in the airport. 

If you want to take this route, make sure you find someone with legitimate art skills!

Maybe you’re not interested in painting your handbag, but I’m sure your kids are! 

Kim Kardashian flaunted her painted purse back in 2014 on Instagram sharing that she loved North’s special touch.

It is definitely not a trend that everyone got behind, but if you are a celebrity anything goes, huh?

You definitely have to take into consideration where you are taking this bag and how much it means to you, but it could be also be a fun story to tell your friends. 

And I know the kids would love to get something messy, with full permission!

We think our Rugged Leather Handbag would be the perfect canvas for any little fingers to smudge.

What are you doing or what are your friends doing to spice up your handbag and keep it alive?

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