Price Transparency

Purse & Clutch pricing transparency

For context, according to How Stuff Works, some luxury handbags have an average markup of 10 - 12 times the cost. Our markup is 3.3 times the cost on average - and our cost is significantly more since we are choosing to pay fair wages along every step of the process!

But as our costs go up, it's getting increasingly harder to grow as a company - which is important to our mission of being able to create more job opportunities for our artisan partners. 

Slow Fashion Handbag Pricing Transparency

We're increasing our prices for the first time in 5 years because we're ready to grow our impact! 

Why are we increasing our prices?

The main cost increases are International Shipping rates as so many flights have been cancelled or delayed due to COVID.

We are also committed to paying our photographers, stylists & models a fair wage and the cost of living continues to increase both here in Austin as well as where we do photoshoots in Mexico. 

And finally, with uncertainty around Fall & Holiday markets we'll be needing to increase our online marketing to reach new customers. 

Thank you for your continual support as we find ways to grow & increase our impact around the world!

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