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What does your purse say about you?

by Sarah Dickard

Everyone likes different purses for different reasons, lifestyle choices, and fashion statements. 

I currently work around a lot of college students, and I am constantly observing their fashion statements, hairstyles, and accessories to find out what these outer garments are portraying about them as human beings.

I remember in college carrying around a messenger bag. It was not a name brand, but I enjoyed that about it. It made my bag unique and different.

The statement it made about me is that I was unlike anyone around me. 

Our accessories and our lifestyles go hand in hand.

But as we all know, we aren’t carrying around the same purses we carried when we were teens or even tweens.

And we definitely aren’t the same person either.

When I was younger, I portrayed my bold personality and unique perspective on life by carrying a purse with bright interesting colors like bright oranges and bold greens. When I felt like fitting into the crowd a bit more, I wore popular patterns made with a slight twist. 

Because I was a crafty person, sometimes I made and decorated my own purse. I specifically remember taking an old corduroy patterned binder, ripping off the fabric, and re-sewing and gluing the fabric into a homemade purse. I was so proud of my design and I carried it with me everywhere.

Thinking back on it, I would cringe if I saw the purse I had made. 

But in that moment, it was less about the final product and more about my accomplishment. The purse represented my creativity in turning a binder into a purse, my ability to make something on my own, and my craft making skills.

What does your purse say about you?

In the evenings or when I go out for a special occasion, I carry a vintage purse I found at a thrift store. It represents my eye for a deal and love of all things old or antique. 

When I carry a Purse & Clutch bag, I am representing not only my personality, but I am representing my responsibility to change the world through fashion and desire to create a sustainable global economy.

I also carry a stash of clutches from my grandmother. She was a women of taste, class, and fashion unlike any other grandmothers I know of. She always wore something nice, loved beautiful things, and always kept up with the latest fashions. Her clutches give me a taste of her memory and the propriety of her style.

My aunt even has a shadow box hanging in her hallway filled with some clothes, accessories, and purses my grandmother used to wear. When I see the frame on the wall, I am reminded of the person my grandmother was when she was alive and the ways she made me feel growing up. 

What are your clothes and purses speaking about your personality right now?

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