My favorite book of all time is Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. 

I fell in love with it in college & the concepts Robert F. Pirsig explores have continued to shape the way I think today. In the book, a man revisits his past intellectual reasoning around the idea of quality while on a motorcycle journey with his son. 

Quality can’t be defined. But you do know it when you see it, so it must exist. 

I know what a quality breakfast is for me. 

I know when I walk away from a quality interaction with a friend. 

I know when I’ve done the dishes with quality & when I haven’t. 

It’s about slowing down. 

Noticing & enjoying the journey. 

Choosing to do things well with intention. 

As I’ve been re-reading Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in such a different stage of life from when I first read it, I continue to be challenged by the idea of quality. 

Last night I noticed after dinner that my 2 year old had managed to smear bright red strawberries (her favorite!) all over my once cream colored sweater. 

Is quality the joy of being in the moment with my daughter & truly not caring about the inevitable stain? 

Is quality carefully treating my clothes so that they last & I can reduce my consumption? 

I don’t know! 

But I do know that I will continue to seek quality in my life. 

Quality interactions with my family. 

Quality over quantity. 

Quality manufacturing practices that honor the makers. 



What does quality look like to you?