Social distancing in an overpopulated Mexican jail

On my final wrap up call for our Winter 2020 Apprenticeship last week, one of our Apprentices gave a quick update on what's going on with with her newly launched business that I wanted to share with y'all.

Mexico Production during COVID-19

How do you practice social distancing in an overpopulated Mexican jail?

COVID19 amongst one of the most vulnerable populations in the planet: incarcerated women in developing economies

Purse & Clutch Apprentice, Pilar Marroquin, recently launched Zamnáa design studio that creates Yoga Bags in an artisanal way, avoiding fast fashion, working with indigenous communities & creating dignified work for incarcerated women in Mexico in partnership with La Cana. 

La Cana is a social project that seeks to create job opportunities for women in prison through the implementation of programs & workshops aimed at their personal development & jobs training, in order to promote a reinsertion process that contributes to reducing rates of recidivism & delinquency in Mexico.

And then COVID-19 hit.

What does it look like to flatten the Coronavirus curve inside an overcrowded Mexican jail?

This extremely vulnerable population is now manufacturing their own face masks for the 1,500 women inmates of Santa Martha Acatitla allowing not only important access to PPE, but the ability to continue working. 

Zamná donated all of their remaining cotton fabric that they typically use for their yoga bag lining which was enough to produce just over 100 masks but there is still a need help to cover the cost of the rest of the materials as well as manufacturing costs.

Here's 2 ways you can get involved:

  1. Preorder or buy gift cards from Zamná here
  2. Donate to La Cana here
What incredible things have you seen small businesses do during these tough times?
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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