Support Mothers this Mother's Day

My mother is amazing. 

I just spent a few days in San Diego with my family celebrating my grandmother's 100th birthday & of course we had to introduce my 1 ½ year old daughter to the beach. She absolutely loved the sand. And I absolutely loved watching my mom get right down in the sand with her. 

It's a beautiful thing for me to get a glimpse of what life must have been like for me as a little girl. And it's so helpful to see such an example of being present & truly enjoying the moment with my daughter. 

Mother's Day

As a new-ish mom, it's been fascinating to try to see myself through my daughter's eyes. What does she think when I get a series of large boxes postmarked Mexico? Who does she think the smiling faces of the artisan photos in my home office are? 

Being a mom & an entrepreneur is hard. With both, the highs are high & the lows are low. Both are full of never ending lists of ways in which I could give more. Both are full of unexpected joys & complete exhaustion. 

But my daughter gets to see me living out my values & what I feel like I'm meant to do - even when it's hard. 

This Mother's Day, why not celebrate your mom by supporting a mom? Here's a list of some of my favorite mom-owned businesses:

Mom Owned Businesses Gift Guide

1. Signature Tiny Heart Necklace from Quinn of Remnant Studios
2. Summer Sunshine all natural Bath Bomb from KC of Conscious Goods
3. The Libby Handmade Cotton Dress from Jaclyn of Trove
4. Eucalyptus + Lavender Essential Oil Candle from Michelle of Slow North
5. Handmade Mexican Pom Pom Keychains from Jen of Purse & Clutch
6. The Sadie Tee from Katie of Elegantees
7. Antigua Home Collection Pillow from Jacquie of Moesel Clothing 
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