The Art of Asking.

Embossed Leather Wristlets

I've been reading Amanda Palmer's book The Art of Asking & have been inspired to reach out to you, our community.

A few months ago I made a big donation to a national non-profit. In exchange could to sell our Embossed Leather Wristlets through their site for an upcoming event they were hosting.

I hoped for lots of marketing & brand awareness and it seemed like a great opportunity to share about our slow fashion practices with a larger audience. We ramped up production of our adorable wristlets just for them ... and barely got any additional website traffic or sales.. 

This feels vulnerable, but I'm asking for your help:

Will you consider purchasing an Embossed Leather Wristlet?
Use code ASKING to snag one for $25.
Then share with your community.

If we sell 80 we'll be able to cover the cost of overproduction & be back on track for Fall production. 

I know this is kind of a weird blog post. 
I appreciate you joining with me on this journey of including you more in the process of running a company focused on fair pay & increasing opportunities for our artisan partners. 

Jen Lewis | Founder + Executive Director | Purse & Clutch

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