The gifts I’m giving this year

The gifts I’m giving this year

It's one thing to make a gift guide. 

It's another to share what items I actually bought my family this year!

Enjoy - 

For my 12 year old niece & my 5 year old daughter, a mini pom basket from Elizabeth’s Voice - handmade in Uganda. 

For my 10 year old nephew, rechargeable batteries. Really. He asked for them!

For my sister in laws - something soothing from The Gardner’s Wife. I’ll be at a market with them on Saturday with Texas Artisans Market & am planning on picking out a few goodies. 

For my 12 year old niece, a Paige Necklace from Wells Cooperative that I go to co-design in my 2 year old’s honor. They're sold out of this specific style, but have so many other beautiful designs to choose from. 

For my kids teachers, beautiful cards from Grace Place Art with Purse & Clutch gift cards tucked inside with a bar of Fair Trade chocolate from The Flourish Market. 

See me showcase these gifts over on the Facebook Live replay. 

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