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You may recall that we were supposed to be launching a new (improved!) version of our website last week. I was busy reformatting, creating, designing, & tweaking code on a new template - checking to make sure every "t" was crossed.

When I hit publish something strange happened to the format of the product page making it pretty clunky to navigate. I've had my repair request in to the developers for a while with limited response.

Why do I share this with you?

Maybe you're also at a stand still on something you were excited to move forward & could use these words of encouragement that I often fall back on from my grad school mentor, Wendy:

"Most things fall into 3 categories. Things we can change, things we can influence & things we can do nothing about. Most people spend the majority of their emotional energy on things they can do nothing about."

I can't fix my website on my own. So instead of feeling anxious about something I can do nothing about until I hear back from the developers, I'm choosing to let it go.

Maybe there's something you need to let go for the time being, too.

Also, if you do hop over to the new site, don't judge it just yet!!

Usability fixes are coming!



Jen Lewis, Founder of Purse & Clutch


Jen Lewis
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