This Not That: Madewell Edition

It's that time again! Where we look at a popular company & show some pretty dang great ethically made alternatives.

You can read about the Social Responsibility measures of Madewell here. We love seeing that companies are working to be more transparent in how their items are made, but wish that Madewell had more information about the materials they use, their supply chains, and the factory working conditions. 

In the mean time, here are some incredible alternatives that are typically even less expensive then the Madewell options:

Ethical Shirt Dress

Everlane's The Cotton Striped Tee Dress
Made in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam with transparent factory labor practices & ethical cotton sourcing

Ethical Handbag

Purse & Clutch's Ethiopian Leather Purse
Handmade in Kolfe, Ethiopia to help create sustainable jobs & natural leather tanning processes

Ethical Jewelry

Noonday Collections's Fanned Fringe Necklace
Ethically handmade in India

Ethical Beach Throws

Purse & Clutch's Ethiopian Cotton Towel
Hand spun, hand dyed, and hand woven in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with fair labor practices

Ethical Footwear

Fortress of Inca's Pamela Wedge
Handmade in Peru with natural materials, sustainable production practices, & fair wages. 


We love discovering new ethically made brands to make shopping ethically easier. What other classic, ethically made pieces have you found that you'd add to the collection? 

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