Running a business with small kids

Transitioning well.

I have the amazing privilege to do two things that I absolutely love. 

I get to run my dream business, Purse & Clutch, from 8:30am - 2:00pm, then I get to run after my two daughters for the rest of the day. Playing, reading & building forts among giggles of the most adorable kind. 

Of course their different school’s pick up schedules don’t quite align, so I get 20 in between minutes with my 3 year old before we drive to my 5 year old’s campus. Another mom has the same schedule & I love getting to spend a few minutes catching up every day. 

When she asks me how I am (and she’s the wonderful kind of friend that really wants to know the answer!) - I find myself consistently unable to form an answer. 

Half of my brain is still dreaming up ideas for Purse & Clutch while the other half of my brain is planning what fun adventures I want to have with my girls before it’s time to make dinner. 

No part of my brain is present. 

I’ve been reading Julie Morgenstern's book Time to Parent & she stresses the importance of transitions for your kids. And I think this applies to adults as well. 

My goal for the rest of the week is to take one minute before I leave my studio to end the work day intentionally. Maybe it’s reviewing my to do list for the following day. Maybe it’s sitting quietly & meditating. I’m still working it out. 

Then, in the car before I go in to pick up my youngest daughter I'm planning on finding an intentional one minute ritual to welcome the next part of the day. 

As I’m still working out the details,

I’d love to know what works for you in transitioning well!

We’re about to transition to our Fall Season with new styles that I can’t wait to show you, but I’m still transitioning out of Summer so you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what I’ve been dreaming up!


Jen Lewis | Founder + Executive Director of Purse & Clutch

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