What surprised me about slow fashion.

What surprised me about slow fashion.

Before starting Purse & Clutch, I had no idea how the things I bought were made. 

Knew nothing about production or wages of workers.
I'd simply never given it any thought. 

My journey into thoughtful purchasing came as a result of running Purse & Clutch, from seeing how the design of an item impacted how long it lasted, from learning about how much things cost to make when everyone along the way was paid a fair wage. 

I now take the time to notice the nuance of construction since I'm now entrenched in all that goes into producing an item. 

What has surprised me, however, is how this has begun to permeate other areas of my life. 

How I delight more details around me.
The color combination of dinner veggies. 
The way my two year old's dancing changes from week to week. 
The first sip of sparkling water after mowing the yard. 

Slowing down & taking notice is becoming increasingly important to me. 
Maybe it's just getting older : ) 

Or maybe, I'm finding more ways to slowly fashion the life that truly reflects my values of connection, beauty & generosity. 

Our new marketing cards now have the words SLOW FASHIONED as the main visual. 

A phrase I keep coming back to when I describe Purse & Clutch, and how I want to be able to describe my life.

To me it implies intentionality.
But it also implies style.

And I want to find more & more ways to make life beautiful. 

But not Pinterest beautiful.
A playlist for my girls that starts with "Shake your wiggles out" & somehow turns to "Shake your bon bon" beautiful. 

Cheers to slow living & to figuring it out together, 
Jen Lewis
Founder of Purse & Clutch

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