Why, When & How to Condition your Leather Handbag

Honestly, before starting Purse & Clutch, I don't think I had ever even thought about conditioning leather. I probably didn't even own a real leather handbag or shoes. I'd buy a cute pair of boots not knowing what they were made of (much less who made them!) I expected them to maybe last a season & just planned on buying a replacement in that next year's trend when they fell apart or got worse for the wear. 

Obviously my shopping habits have changed quite a bit. 

I look forward to Fall - here in Austin, that's usually not until late November! - so I can wear my Fortress of Inca boots that I've had for 5 years. I'm pretty sure the cost per wear is way less at this point, not to mention that they're a better representation of my style vs the latest fashion trend. Besides, they somehow get more comfortable each year. 

But an important part of leather lasting is how you care for it - which is why we're we've found just the perfect all natural leather conditioner to keep your leather in good shape for years & years to come.

All Natural Leather Conditioner

I asked on our Instagram Stories last week & learned that most of y'all don't know where to start when it comes to conditioning leather. So here you go: 


  • Leather can dry out & crack. Conditioner keeps it supple & helps build a patina that keeps it protected. 
  • Your leather will look amazing.
  • Because conditioning your leather will make you feel like an accomplished adult!


  • Each season, or 4 times a year is recommended. Why not create a recurring calendar alert now at the beginning of Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer?
  • As needed. 


  • Start with a clean, soft cloth such as an old T-shirt. 
  • Add a little conditioner & rub with two fingers in a circular motion. 
  • Begin in one corner & work your way around to the whole bag - don't forget the handles!
  • Let it dry overnight. 

Any lingering questions that I didn't address? Ask away in the comments below & I'll do my best to answer them!

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