Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner


We want your ethical purchase to last for years & years to come!

Leather needs to have natural oils replenished on a regular basis - we recommend every 3 months - since exposure to the elements & regular wear will dry out & fade all leather goods. 

Deeply condition by infusing natural oils & lipids that rejuvenate leather.  When leather is consistently conditioned it will resist scratches, wear marks & attain a beautiful patina over time.

All natural ingredients sourced & assembled in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Food Grade Seed Oils - The base ingredients that gently replenishes & invigorates leather
  • Triple Filtered Bees Wax - Age-old waterproofer that protects & waterproofs naturally, as bees intended
  • Low Heat Infusion - Infused at low heat to emulsify in a way that ensures strong bonding