Behind the Scenes - The Adventurer Photo Shoot

Candice of OH! Fox Creative

Working with Candice from OH! Fox Creative as our Lookbook Stylist / Creative Director was a no brainer given her outstanding work for our Fall Lookbook. I can't even begin to explain the thrill of sending the collection to Candice and then waiting with delight to see what lovely looks and scenes she will dream up!

Tillery Street Plant Co.

Imagine my excitement when Candice choose the Tillery Street Plant Co. as the location for the Adventurer Collection shoot. I recently moved in the neighborhood and find myself wandering their isles when I break for lunch -  dreaming of ways to incorporate more plants in my new home. It was the perfect backdrop for the collection. 

The collection leans heavily on luxurious structured leather crossbodies & wallets, slouchy solid suede hobos with fringe details, and tan canvas mixed with strong leather and block printed cotton accents. With the more subtle color pallet, the sea of green plants proved to be the perfect backdrop. 

East Austin Succulents

Besides, with mascots this cute, it's hard to stay away!

Janelle Whitehead

When I first found out that one of my current apprentices, Janelle Whitehead, does modeling on the side, I knew Purse & Clutch had to find a way to snag her for our Adventurer Collection shoot. When you find a gal who begins the story of her wardrobe with, "So my husband & I were traveling through Dubai..." you know she perfectly embodies the Adventurer Collection. 

Check out the Adventurer Collection Lookbook here, and then tell us what you think in the comments below!

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