3 Ways to Clean a Leather Purse

by Sarah Dickard

We are going to give you 3 crucial tips to caring for a leather purse so that your bag can remain beautiful for years to come. We talk a lot about being ethical and sustainable, but we need the tools to keep our prized possessions alive! 

I know a gal from Puerto Rico who always dresses her best, has the most amazing combination of clothes and shoes, and keeps looking pristine. 

She recently told me her secret: She not only keeps clothes for years and years, she takes care of them along the way. 

She wipes down all of her shoes every evening and puts them back into the box she bought them in.

She cleans her purse daily and keeps it in a space within her closet where it remains untouched.

She cares for her jewelry by wiping them down and putting them in separate, labeled bags so they do not tangle or become dull overtime.  

The number one thing she tells me is “I do not have money to buy many new things, so I always take good care of the things I already have so they last a long time.”

Many of us may not have the time to take care of every piece of our clothing the way she does, but what a lesson to learn from someone who, without realizing it, is living ethically and sustainably on a daily basis!

Let’s take a lesson from my Puerto Rican friend and find out how to care for our most beloved leather items! 

How to clean leather handbags

We should preface this by saying: Every leather is different. There are soft, hard, fibrous, or mixed types of leathers. We will not talk specifically about one type of leather, but instead provide general practices that will help you properly preserve that treasured bag. 

Protect your Leather Handbag 

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