Meet our Apprentices!

Fair Trade Apprentices

Twice a year, we offer an apprenticeship program to individuals interested in learning the ins & outs of a social business. This winter, we're thrilled to spend time with Molly Ospina Wells & Kristen Raikes!

Where were you born & where do you call home?

Molly: I was born in Wichita, Kansas, but call Austin, Texas my home. There’s also a super sweet spot in my husband’s arms where all my troubles drift away that is pretty great, too!

Kristen: I was born in Dallas, Texas & I’m looking forward to my home in heaven with Jesus one day…. But for now, my home is wherever my family is or wherever I am dearly loved & dearly  love others.

How did you become interested in Fair Trade Fashion?

Molly: Living abroad for 7 years changed me in many ways but my most important discovery was that in order to feel good, I needed to work for a company that had a good soul. A good ol’ Google search, “socially responsible companies,” plus a tear-filled viewing of The True Cost led me to where I’m at today.

Kristen: Living in Thailand and going to the markets and seeing a difference between cheap tourist goods and fair trade items sold. It made me wonder how to become  a part of the fair trade side  and what fair trade actually entailed.

Apprenticeship Program Intros

Who are some of your fashion icons?

Molly: Anyone and everyone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

Kristen: Honestly, I’ve never really been fashionable. Whenever I’ve seen a friend or a movie star wearing a piece I liked - it influenced me. Audrey Hepburn keeps coming to mind… and also Jen Lewis  impacted me by her personal ethical decisions in fashion.

What countries have you visited?

Molly: France, Italy, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Curacao, and Colombia.

Kristen: Hungary, England, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Fiji, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Honduras.

Which was your favorite and why?

Molly: Colombia -- it’s where I met the hubby-hub-hub! Also, it’s BEAUTIFUL in so many ways.

Favorite Travels

Kristen: Fiji in 2006. It’s the first place I lived outside of the States. It’s where I  began learning what it meant to embrace living simply as well as experience the generosity and love of people that had very little in the world’s eyes

What have you enjoyed most about being an apprentice with P&C so far?

Molly: Seeing and beginning to understand all that goes into owning a business and how and why certain decisions get made. It’s been a huge bonus to do all of that while giggling, laughing, sharing, and smiling :)

Kristen: The Dialogue each week! It’s awesome. I love having the accountability each week to research different facets of fair trade, dialogue about them, and put them into practice.

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